Celeritas is the annual college magazine of CBIT. It is undoubtedly a true literary and a creative platform for the students of CBIT to show case their talent. Having its first edition launched in the year 2013, Celeritas has proudly completed two years of its journey.

Celeritas has offered the students of CBIT an opportunity to publish their creative work and opinions on issues that affect their lives – everything from friends and family to school, current events, and self-esteem. It is a forum for students and faculty to express their thoughts about what touch them the most. The magazine also has few necessary spices that add to its mix. Bringing the magazine into existence has showcased the writers’ and artists’ efforts to advantage.

To ensure that the final copy of the magazine is worthy of all the efforts students and teachers have put in, everything is meticulously done. It is made sure that we do not miss out on a single submission, because it is your work we wish to highlight. As a college magazine, Celeritas aims to relate to the people reading it. That is why it’s all about you.

Now on its third edition, Celeritas has firmly found its place within the walls of this college, creating a name of its own. With each forthcoming edition, we wish to take the magazine to further heights. Keeping that in mind, Celeritas now has its own website! The best part about the website is that any article that might not have made it into the print version of the magazine due to logistical issues will most definitely be up on the website. This truly cements Celeritas as a magazine by the students, for the students. No one is left out.

Of course, without the support from our faculty this magazine wouldn’t have maintained this steam over the past few years. Everyone is approachable and as enthusiastic about the magazine, always willing to take time off their busy schedules to help out. As we strive to make each edition of this magazine a bigger success than the last, join us in celebrating what you have helped create. Let Celeritas cast a light upon your thoughts.