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The day after my exams ended, I was relieved of my routine works. It seems as if getting a cool glass of water after carrying a heavy burden upon your shoulder, as if getting to oasis in a desert place. Soon after I came out of the examination hall, I received a phone call from my buddy who teaches me Guitar. He asked “why can’t you join us campaigning at Chennai the next day?” I replied that I was ready as having a long journey would refresh my mind from all these routine activities. We booked our tickets for the journey in Chennai Express. When the train was about to start, I decided that I must wildly enjoy all the 7 days of my camping at Chennai. I joined my buddies in getting after with everyone whom I know in the train by singing, dancing and made merry. It all happened for the next four hours until everyone was asleep. I was the only fellow awake in the train along with some policemen left behind. The clock struck 11:30 in the night. I went to the boarding place, opened the door and was enjoying the beauty of nature. It was a dark night. Stars were shining in the sky and it seemed that moon was elated. The trees were singing while they swing. It seemed as if they were praising their creator. Something unexpected happened then. Dark clouds covered the entire sky. It was raining swiftly. The train stopped at some junction. I’ve got down getting the glimpse of the first rain of the season. The whole platform was empty. To my surprise I saw a small fellow selling pop-corn at the corner of the platform in the midnight. I approached him and he requested me to buy some of them. I was shocked to see such a small boy laboring all night. When I asked him about his parents, he answered that he only got his mom in this entire world. I’ve enquired at the counter that the train would be late for 45 minutes. That boy’s mom was sick at home and that’s the reason he undertook her job and that was the only source of livelihood for them. I’ve urged that fellow to show me his house. He agreed. I went with him. It was only 15 yards away from the station. It was a small hut with constant patches all over. When I found out that his mother didn’t have enough money to consult a doctor, I was shocked. Then I realized that many people in India lack their basic necessities. I recognized that I was a person without any responsibility, without any goal; in fact I was an idiot in front of that small boy who had the responsibility of undertaking his mom’s job while she was ill. I have decided that I must help them. All I’ve got in my pocket was just 5000 bucks. I urged him to accept it and get treatment for her illness, for the first time in my life, I felt very sad that I was only a stupid common man. If I was rich, I would’ve built a home for them and provide them with everything they wanted. In fact, I would feed millions of such fatherless kids. I must not pile up my riches and secure them in banks etc but I must help everyone I need. The train was about to leave. I had to get to the station. She bid me farewell saying “May the Lord bless you.” I returned to the station, got back into the train. But that incident changed my life. The goal that I once had changed, I will achieve this one someday. I must get rich; whatever the path may be, whatever may be the barriers ahead of me, no matter the obstacles that I come up with. That day I’ve got fire in my heart Lord, never let it grow cold. It must always burn in me and remind me that I’m only a common man and someday I must get rich.
The COMMON MAN has spoken.

B.E(2/4), mech-2


My mother is a type of person who spouts quotes and proverbs at the drop of a hat. One that I remember quite distinctly - and which she still keeps parroting – goes like this: “Our ingress in this world is naked and bare; our progress in this world is wicked and bad; our egress from this world nobody knows where; so be good, do good and good will happen, whatever that good may be”. Sometime ago, I discovered that this is a hijacked version of comedian John Edward’s quote. But I like my mother’s version more as it sounds even more truthful.
The world we live in today defines success as great material wealth and out greed for riches means that out actions of a great many are often self serving. Yet, there are thousands – perhaps millions –of ordinary people around the world, including my parents, who in their own modest way have kept giving throughout their lives without expecting anything in return. A handful of philanthropists around the world, however, have taken giving to a whole new level and stand out for their extraordinary gesture of giving away the bulk of their wealth for the betterment of the society. One thing common to these givers is that they all drew inspiration from their parents. It is the same for most of us. My role models, certainly, have always been my parents, especially my father. And as you grow older, you want to be even more like them: more tolerant, more empathetic and more giving. My parents too have very early on have had a great influence on me , making me want to be a contributing factor to the development of the society in my own little way.
Our challenge in India may not be absolute poverty but the growing gap between the rich and the poor. A significant number in the lowest rungs of the society voted for hope and change in the last general elections. Today we can say with confidence that poverty numbers have decreased and a sizeable chunk of our poor have moved up the economic pyramid. India can boast of reasonably high numbers of school enrolment. But what then? Many of our partially educated young people are struggling to enter the saturated job market, fostering an environment for violence, risky behaviour and political disenchantment. Growing without democratic distribution brings no prosperity in the country.
With India’s economic appetite ever growing, there is a need for quality workforce. India has a potential workforce of 200 million college graduates and 500 million skilled workers, and the ability to generate over 10 % of world trade in the next 15 years; this needs investment, encouragement and involvement in tomorrow’s workforce, today. However if 49 % of our workforces are malnourished today, tomorrow’s economic growth could be at stake. Nutrition experts remind us that a malnourished child’s brain is damaged in the first 59 months. India’s workforce is leaking in the front end of the pipeline. Our women workforce is in dire need of the right direction and intellectual inclination. If our women on the margins are disempowered, they not only run the risk of being easy targets for exploitation but it would also be a colossal loss to the nation’s economic growth story. After all, the ongoing financial crisis and global recession has been caused due to privatizing profits and socializing losses. For the economic wellbeing of our nation, social harmony is a critical pre-requisite. Today is an opportunity for the nation and for the poor who are looking to the nation with hope and aspiration. Will India rise to this responsibility and redefine its past?

Prod ¼


“Do not dilute your concentration, let it be concentrated.”
And keep on FOCUSING…..
We sat in the class, listening keenly to the lecture and suddenly a girl passed the door. Our heads automatically turn by 180°.
Reading sincerely for the exam and suddenly someone switches the TV on. At the very next moment we will be in front of it.
“Focus is the basic thing to be concentrated upon and concentration is the most essential thing to be focussed”.
Concentrate on your thoughts, do not allow them to deviate.
Concentrate on your words, let them not interfere with your relations.
Concentrate on your work, let it be completed.
Concentrate on your passion, make yourselves happy and fulfilled.
Concentrate on your goals to hit your targets.
If you concentrate and focus, you can conquer even the entire world of your interest.
Be shaped for this FCC to shape your own riches and triumph.

-Sathya Sri
EEE-1 2/4

Blog Factory

XKCD is a blog best described as an "idea factory" rather than a strip comic. It is a web-comic well known for its humor. It began in September 2005 when Munroe decided to scan doodles from his school notebooks and put them on his webpage. XKCD is "just a word with no phonetic pronunciation" as mentioned by Munroe (creator of this blog). This blog has enticed ‘many a little’ with its working comic strips.

This is not just a blog written to feel that crack in our funniest bone, rather covers a diverse range of humorous subject matter from life and love statements to mathematics and science. All this is featured with simple stick figures along with occasionally featuring intricate mathematical landscapes, graphs and imitations of other cartoonists. A punch line is provided in each and every comic. The format is easy on the eyes and allows the reader to easily understand what the blog is all about and what it offers.

Considerable less advertisements popping out on the blog gives an edge to it. Munroe adds new comics three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This blog is simple with one-fold addictive images or collages. There are also many strips opening with "My Hobby:" and usually depicting the nondescript narrator character. A branch named XKCD-What-if seems to be quiet impressive. This submits the answers in an offbeat and a humorous manner to the scientific questions asked by the readers.

The comics are presented more in accordance to the common scenario. The nifty work done by Munroe is so alluring which makes people coming back to XKCD again and again. Although there isn't any list of characters, there are a few recurring characters which can be noticed based on some mannerisms in the comic strips. Some such characters are Munroe (the hat guy), Megan (with short dark hair), a beret wearing man (known for his odd behavior), Ferret (a pet with wings) and so on.
He does not shy from pointing out the failures of others and has at times used extreme violence in order to emphasize a point. This added to the undesirable consequences Munroe had to go through."Malamanteau"(stunt word used by Munroe ridicule often with sarcastic remarks on the fonts used by Wikipedia) which provoked a controversy within Wikipedia. Neglecting this offside, the nearside of the blog has garnered many laurels for its significance.

I recommend moving the facebook fan page widget to the first fold so if people are impressed they can immediately like it and get the updates of the strips in their newsfeed. And also a share bar near every strip in the blog making sharing easy.

This blog scores 4.5 out of 5 at the moment. It's a great blog. It just needs more light to grow.

Good luck!

T. Neha IT 2/4

Hughes and God

Phil Hughes' untimely death has shocked many all over the globe and a tragic end to his life has deeply saddened everyone.
Right from a very young age, he made a habit of setting and breaking many records. He was known for his dedication, uncomplaining attitude and friendly nature. He would’ve had his best days ahead in his career. However, at the end of the day, the game that he loved so much, the players, his family members and supporters will remember him forever.
This is how a conversation between him and God would look like in the heaven:
Hughsey: I am already missing my favorite cricketing shots, especially the drives.
God: Don’t worry young fella, you’re gonna drive the people here mad with all your shots in your new innings here at heaven.
Hughsey: I was the youngest player in most of the teams I represented and always enjoyed my game thoroughly. Why did I have to leave so early? : ( ;(
God: Tough one to answer champ!!! I wanted to witness your cheeky smile, the joy you experience in going about things and many other invaluable qualities of yours from close quarters.
I was tired of constantly having to look at you from a very far distance.
You didn’t even regain consciousness after the ball struck you because the people would’ve somehow managed to keep you alive if you were conscious and I would continue to miss you a lot. That is the only reason why you had such a tragic end to your awesome career and life. I’m so sorry Phil.
Hughsey: Anything for you god!!!
I broke decent enough records from a tender age. I will miss the game and everyone there badly. So…………….
God: No worries chap, you are welcome to continue your innings of 63* with none other than Sir Donald Bradman and can continue playing every day with all the cricketers present here. We will be the lucky ones this time around to see you bat.
Hughsey: Okay god….not at all a problem….But my sincere request to you is to give necessary strength to all my mates, friends and family members to cope with my loss and more importantly multiply that strength by infinite and give it to my dearest Sean Abbott. He is literally inconsolable though he’s been receiving support from all corners. He will miss me a lot : (
God: Sure P.H. That’s my promise!!! This is why I Love You.
In a way, people will start to be more wary about safety and the medical help that should immediately be on offer in case of any unexpected event. You are a great man Phil, you always helped youngsters with their game when you were alive and extending help to people of all ages even after your demise by making them more aware. Meanwhile, Hughes watches the outpouring of grief on Earth as a result of him succumbing to his injury.
Hughsey: God, I want to go back to my family, my cattle at my village and start reliving my passion. I can’t see my family crying so much and wanting me back so badly. My captain and bro Michael Clarke who has suggested my Jersey no 64 to be retired is unable to digest the fact that I am no more and same is the case with all my teammates, players of all nations and supporters.
Many teams of other sports too, be it gents or ladies, young or adult have been observing 63 s silence and paying homage .Some batsmen have been declaring their innings on 63 instead of 50 in domestic circuit. Few are selflessly declaring the team’s score which matches my test cap no 408. Teams are unable to come back to normal and are extremely saddened. They are showing support and paying tribute in every possible manner, for e.g. the #PutYourBatsOut campaign, by wearing black bands, by not bowling bouncers, etc.
Pl god Pl
God: I’m extremely sorry Hughsey : ( ; (
Sometimes, you have to just accept the truth. Everything is for good.
Your contribution to the game was tremendous; your attitude towards life was commendable.
You’ve left behind a legacy from which many can inspire a lot. There will be plenty to cherish in the people’s hearts.
You’ll be missed dearly Phil. RIP.
Both Hughes and God move next to the 408LongLive Stadium for Phil to get back to action. Hughes gets ready and comes to the pitch to continue from where he had left and god sits back and enjoys the game from the Phil Hughes Stand : )

V Nikhil ECE 2

MF-Master of failures

When you ask someone about their life’s goal indeed everyone says that he wants to be a successful profession in art,science,medicine and management etc.,. But when they face any difficulty or fail at some circumstance. I’ve noticed that they don’t stick along enough to it. They change their goal otherwise they live a goal less life. I always seem surprised when I look at them and their ignorance which they are unaware of. Don’t they know that great legends of this world started their career as a failure? Here is the man named Abraham Lincoln who failed at every point of his life but at last reached a place where only few men have reached. Every one of us note that he was America’s 16th president but do we really know him and about his failures. He was born poor, worked in streets to earn a living. But he never let poverty conquer his will to study. He became an advocate but his goal was not confined to a single profession. He wanted to live the way he dreamed of. Let’s have a look at his failures.
Failed in business- Bankruptcy in 1831
Defeated for legislative- 1832
Failed in business- Bankruptcy 1834
Sweetheart- Fiance dies in 1835
Nervous breakdown- 1836
Defeated in election- 1838
Defeated for US Congress- 1843
Defeated again for US Congress- 1846
Defeated once again for US Congress- 1848
Defeated for US Senete- 1845
Defeated for US president- 1856
Defeated again for US Senete- 1858
Inspite of all these difficulties and criticism he stuck to his goal long enough and gained the moment that only few men could. He was elected the president of US in 1860. The goal of his came true. The phrase people used for him was “ Street light in the white house”. Journey from streets to white house never mattered, What mattered was that he never let failure demoralise him. That is the reason I call him master of failures.
- Akshay (Mech- 2/4)


14th February, commonly known as "VALENTINEs DAY"! Yes! It definitely is, but in the year 2015, it is a valentine for the Cricket lovers as the World Cup 2015 to be held in Australia is in the down town, with another breath-taking season on its way.

Ironically, the India v/s Pakistan first match is scheduled for the 15th of February, one the most awaiting day for Cricket lovers. The enthusiasm about this match is much more among the youth is that the tickets for this match were sold out 6 months early! Well, that is the essence that the people in India have for cricket. One amongst it is the Cricbuzz which has just launched a new World Cup section in the app. It has an opportunity to check out a number of interesting features like caricatures of captains from 1957 to 2011 sporting their jerseys, historical World Cup Timelines, section to follow your favorite team, World Cup 2015 Venuses, Squads, Preview, photos and much more. So, crick freaks, World Cup time is really a big jolly time!

Like every other season, the astonishing Cricket shots and fabulous innings by different teams are yet to be seen. Just like The South African’s demolition of West Indies attack was an astounding innings made by Abraham Benjamin de Villiers by scoring the fastest 100 in just 31 balls which surprised all the viewers".
And this time it’s INDIA who gone a break all the barriers and record. With World Cup round the corner, “You” and “Me” are forgotten and it’s just “Apna India” on everyone’s tongue tips! So another season of wonders makes its way! Cheers!


Mohammed Nawaz
CSE-1, 2/4

Do Something!

It is normal to feel bored. Especially after a mad, mind boggling race to secure our future i.e. the stage of +2 education. Looking back, how I wished I had some free time to unwind and do the things the heart yearns for. Too philosophical?Maybe.But hey! When you have oodles of free time aftermath like I do now, in my graduate college, such thoughts are bound to enter the scene.
So, what does someone like me do? Write! Write away! you can write something about anything under and above the roof. You can write poetry (doesn't have to be good)write short stories, write something like this. Though they may not publish it, you are bound to look back into them and cherish that first piece of writing.
This is the perfect time to check off as many as possible if not all the"31 Things I want to do in the holidays” that you wrote in your diary or planner.
Also this is the hour to be free. Be observant. Go out. Observe life and all the random things that happen around you. Ask "why?" 'coz there's sheer beauty in it.
Now buy yourself a pair of jeans; the ones that fit. Buy away if you want to (provided mum agrees) or better yet try to fit back into your old pair. Lose the flab and become fab! (Groan!! I know.)
Learn. Learn to drive, learn a language.(It doesn't cost you rupees if you use the internet)
Don't just stick to T.V and the social network. I'm a teen too, but there's so much more out there.
Go out on a trip. Hang out with your relatives. It's simply fun!
Whatever you do, do it so that you don't remain the "average human". Cheers to you!


What is mercy killing?

Why it is needed?
Mercy killing or Euthanasia is nothing but the practice of killing a person or animal, in a painless or minimally painful way, for merciful reasons, usually to end suffering of a patient before death. In wider sense it depicts assassinating the sufferers to commit sudden death rather than suffering from long, in a particular physician - assisted suicide. Definition of EU-Tathanos: This is the combination 2 greet words.
From Geek work .
Eu= good, nice, merciful and facilitated
Tathanos= death or killing
Linguistically ='merciful' death or killing or 'good' or facilitated death.
Modern science= facilitating the death of an incurable patient at his own pressing request presented to the treating physician.
People who are involved ..
-Patient in permanent vegetative state who is aware and kept alive on artificial life support (Eg. Respirators, heart-lung machine and IV fluids/nutrition)
-Patient in terminal ill and may not be subject to any life support machines.

Types of euthanasia
-Letting a person die by taking no action to maintain his/her life.
-Withdrawing medical or surgical procedures and life support system.
- Passive Euthanasia is usually defined as withdrawing medical treatment with the deliberate intention of causing the patient' death. Eg.dialysis, heart attack.
Active :
Active Euthanasia involves causing the death of a person through a direct action, in response to a request from that person. - An act of commission by taking action that leads to death by a fatal/lethal injection, poison, overdose of pain-killers or sleeping pills.
Eg. Sodium thiopental, PancuroniumBromide(Pavulon).
The Conditions that leads to euthanasia ..
# An individual is considered dead in one of the following TWO situations.
-Complete irreversible cessation of respiratory and cardiovascular systems.
- complete irreversible cessation of the functions of the brain including the brain stem.
What are the Pros ..
- It provides a way to relieve extreme pain
- It provides a way of relief when a person's quality of life is extremely low.
-Frees up medical funds to help other people.
- If agreed by the patient and his family members, the body/organs can be utilized by any undergoing medical graduates/ college / institution.
What are the Cons..
-Euthanasia devalues human life
- Euthanasia can become a means of health care cost containment.
-Physicians and other medical care people should not be involved in directly causing death.
- In case of brain death it is required to have the presence of a reliable medical specialist well experienced in the clinical diagnosis of brain and brain stem death and the various implications of such diagnosis.
- The team comprises two specialists with experience in diagnosing the brain death. One of the two doctors of the team should a specialist in neurology, neurosurgery or intensive care.
- If a number of medical experts determine that a patient is in a terminal condition, and there is no hope for his/her recovery and all medications have become useless, then it is permissible for them, through a collective decision, to stop the medication.

Voluntary Euthanasia : Voluntary Euthanasia is when the patient requests that action be taken to end his life or that life saving treatment be stopped, with full knowledge that this will lead to his death. This is also a type of Physician Assisted Suicide.

Involuntary Euthanasia:
The term Involuntary Euthanasia is used to describe the killing of a person who has not explicitly requested aid in dying. This is most often used with respect to patients who are in persistent vegtative state and who probably will never recover consciousness.
Animal Euthanasia:
Animal Euthanasia is the act of putting to death painlessly or allowing to die, as by withholding extreme medical measures, an animal suffering from an incurable especially a painful disease or condition.
Another way is , the suspension of medical treatment via preventing the patient from his due medication which is, from a medical perspective, thought to be useless, this is permissible and sometimes it is even recommended. Thus, the physician can do this for the sake of the patient's comfort and the relief of his family.
Finally, what are the opinions about mercy killing.
Is Mercy Killing Justified.....?
This decision is based on the patient's rights and dignity, doctors' rights, religious beliefs, society's views, morality and other resolutions available.


Time Flies

Almost half a semester bygone in CBIT and it feels like nothing at all. With chums at college haunting (this kind of haunting is worth dying for) you at all times, it always feels buoyant ! We as first years, have gone through an emotional turbulence starting from the moment our college gets finalized to the present condition: the dramatic semester exams!
Exceptional to all the ever-changing processes, one thing remains constant : the world of friends encircling us like a halo! Luckily, I found myself a plethora of really amazing pals to hang out with. The class gang, the back-benchers' society, the bus gang, the throw-ball gang and (god knows how many more) the Celeritas gang! It seems like there's no end to the buzzing of my phone with whatsapp messages!
Each message of theirs' manages to bring a buoyant smile onto my face!
Yet, emotional and past-seeking as I'm, the images of the timid me, on the orientation and the interaction days keep swaying in my mind.
Back then I had two eerie issues tensing me: whether I'd make any friends or not, and whether I'd be ragged to tears. Now when I think of these "issues", I literally laugh at my absurdity. I had prejudiced that I would not make friends at all, but my preconceived notions proved wrong!
With the passage of time, life teaches us to adapt ourselves according to situations.Unknowingly, one fear ends and a new fear replaces the previous one. By the time we realize what's wrong, it's either too late or too 'unnecessary' to be sorry! So I share this lesson learnt in life, that not all assumptions are worth standing for!
Sometimes just being patient and letting go of fears, actually helps! *Sometimes*

1/4 Mechanical

And She Laughed In Pain

Sorry about the length.
I still hope you'll all read it and enjoy it. :)

I laid back and allowed my spine to rest after hours of keeping it erect. I immediately felt my muscles relax and the blood in the veins warm. My body was reacting, as if to thank me for letting it rest. It had been a long day and with all the extra work coming my way since Maha's resignation, I hadn't even spent quality time with my daughter in a while, I realised. Anuji has always said that Rimmi was a well-behaved, bright little girl and has never minded baby-sitting her but Rimmi was growing up quick and needed more of me. I hadn't been a very good mother, I thought. As I occupied my mind with more, the warmth and dullness of the room soon swept over my thoughts and lured me into a deep slumber. I was breathing silently, making sure no tissue or muscle gets disturbed.

Rimmi's cold, little hands were pulling my arm when I woke up. "Mom, look. I found a book", she was saying. My vision was blurred from too much sleeping and it took me a while to be able to see her distinct image. When finally, I could see her, I smiled and asked," What book is it, dear?” She was holding a long and thin book in her hands. "It has no title", she said and brought the book closer to my face so I could see. It had no title. The cover page was only a blank paper painted brown. I flipped open the first page and found nothing. I flipped over to the next and found some text, but none that I could read or interpret. "Where did you find this book, Rimmi?” I asked. "In the closet. There is a door in my closet. The book was in the room inside the closet", she said. She pulled my fingers, asking me to follow her. I did. There was a room in her closet, indeed, just that it wasn't too big as I'd imagined. "Well, you seem to have discovered something new about this house", I told her, adding more joy to her already cheerful face. "I'm going to make a doll house for Rimmi J. in here", she said. Jr. Rimmi was her favourite doll and she sometimes called her 'Rimmi J'. "Oh, it's a great idea", I said, smiling. She squatted down and began her constructional and destruction-al work to get that perfect doll house ready. I remembered the book and decided to find out what language or script it was. The script did look like the English script but there was something unusual about it. I opened the book again and stared at it blankly for a while. I noticed that a few letters were the same as in the English script and the remaining were just mirror reflections of the English alphabet. I made a note of all the letters that remained the same. They were all the five vowels - 'a', ‘e’, 'i ', 'o', 'u' and an extra 'y'. It took me hours but eventually, I managed to get the content of the book in straight English words and the pleasure and satisfaction it gave me was so overwhelming, I did not bother to finish the day's office work I'd left undone. Just when I was done with the decoding process, the one final look I gave to the text in the book surprised me. It surprised me because somehow, I could read it now! Astonished as I was, it puzzled me as to why I wasn't able to read it then. It seemed so simple. Hours of staring and pondering over it had probably gotten me to get accustomed to the script, I guessed. I pushed aside the confusion in my head to one corner, and decided to read the book. It read -

In a far off land, lived a family of four...

"So it's a story", I said aloud to myself and the idea of reading it to Rimmi tonight pleased me. I proceeded to her room with the book in one hand and a glorious smile on my face. I felt as satisfied with my accomplishment as Einstein must've felt when he'd finally deduced the E=mc^2 formula. "Do you want me to read you a story?” I asked her. She almost yelled positively and sneaked under her blanket like a rabbit entering his burrow and lay straight on the bed. I felt her gaze as it followed me patiently while I tucked the blanket under her so she was wrapped in it. That's how she liked it. "Let's begin", I said and went on -

In a far off land, lived a family of four; a happy couple and their two young kids, Jam and Jim. They lived their life in isolation, working hard for their survival and yet , they remained content with their life. They earned nothing for their livelihood because they did not need to. Money was something they did not know of. If they'd have ever found a coin, they'd have regarded it a useless piece of metal. “Why is it this small? It's of no use to us. Discard it", the lady would say to her children if they found one. The man would go about in search of new sources of food in the forest every day, while the woman and her children gathered firewood from nearby during the day. At night , they'd all bring all that they found and would enjoy a sumptuous feast. Not every day, of course. Sometimes, they had too little to eat when the man did not find food of sufficient quantity or satisfying quality.

I was very much pleased with Rimmi's keenness in the story and continued-

In the autumn and winter season, they found very little to eat and would depend on meat. It was only during these seasons that they ate meat and were otherwise vegetarian. They were all four meek bodies, weak from eating only one square meal a day but were also strong from living a life away from the fast spreading plague in the city, that they were unaware of. In one such winter, for days there was no food to be found and no meat to consume. The weather and hunger took a toll on their children's health and the lady of the house persuaded the man to go about to the city and find something or her kids would die. The man too, was weak and old but wanted to make sure his children survived. He left home, unsure if he'd return alive. Days passed and there was no sign of him. The woman would sit at the doorstep and laugh all day long.

"Why would she laugh, mom?” Rimmi asked. "I don't know. It must be a mistake, or maybe she went mad", I replied, confused with my own answer.

She'd slap her children, punch them in the face and sit at the corner of their bed, laughing all day long, and waiting for them to open their eyes.

"Mom! Why would she slap them and punch them in the face?” Rimmi's confused thoughts spoke. I had no answer. All I knew now was that this story was not appropriate enough to be told my daughter. "She must be REALLY mad, dear", I answered, and not knowing what else could be a more appropriate answer. The understanding look on her face relieved me anyway. "Enough for today. Sleep well. Good night", I said and caressed her forehead before turning off the light."Good night, mom", she replied faintly.

I made myself comfortable on the couch and continued reading the book.

She tried hunting , but was mostly unsuccessful. A mother's love was not so weak, still and she did not rest. She'd find a rare fruit once in a while and would run all the way back to home to feed it to her bed ridden children. She'd lost all hope of her husband's return now and had learnt to shoulder all the pain. At night, she'd sit in a corner of the room and remember the good old days. She'd curse herself for sending her husband to the city. She'd smile thinking about what her husband must've been through in his last days. She'd smile thinking about her misery and laugh when she saw her children sleeping in their bed since what seemed to her like ages......

I dedicated my night to the book and fell asleep only after it was done. I do not know when it happened. The next thing I knew was I was awake and had to rush up with the early morning routine. Rimmi was ready for school and left home, cheerful as ever. "Bye, mom", she said as she jumped the front doorsteps. "Bye, dear", I said, grinning wide.


ECE 2/4


"On the top of the world, below the surface of the giant ice cap, a city is buried". Today on the island of Greenland, as part of man's continuing efforts to master the secrets of survival in the Arctic. Greenland-perhaps best known as the land mass with the most misleading name in history. Greenland is very much not green and lies north of Canada near the North Pole, so most of the land is caked in permanent ice all year long, thousands of feet thick. It is almost entirely frozen and inhospitable. In the 1940s the US wanted to establish an airbase there and also wanted access to a permanent ice sheet in order to develop techniques for building structures on and under the ice and to train troops in polar warfare. So, 150 miles inland from there, they started another project codenamed Camp Century. The basic concept was simple, a system of 23 trenches would be cut into the ice cap and then covered with steel arches and snow. The main communication trench would be a series of lateral trenches housing complete research, laboratory, and test facilities, modern living quarters and recreation areas, and a complex of support facilities. As transporting great quantities of Diesel fuel over vast Arctic wastes was impractical, US had planned to install an actual nuclear reactor into their ice sheet. Upon its completion, Camp Century consisted of almost two miles of ice tunnels. Up to 200 people could live there at a time with access to a state of the art hospital, a theater, a church, and other modern conveniences. The camp included a comprehensive plumbing and sewage system, it generated its own electricity, and fresh water was produced onsite by drilling wells into the ice with high pressure steam houses.

Today Camp Century is being operated as a year-round Arctic research center. an elaborate program of tests and experiments is being carried out. At this very moment, somewhere men from Camp Century are at work within the city itself, or out on the ice cap.

NandiniSwamy Chemical (2/4)

A decade of climate change

A decade ago, global climate change was largely considered a problem for the distant future. But it seems like the future has come sooner than predicted.
There have been numerous twists and turns in the climate during the past decade. The years have seen a sharp rise in mercury levels during summers, taking the global warming crisis to a whole new level. The consequent melting of ice caps in the Polar Regions and the rising of sea level have even led experts to believe that these areas will be ice free during the summer within the next decade- a death- knell for polar bears and other creatures.
What’s more, far from being the benign figure of mythology, Mother Earth is short- tempered and volatile. So sensitive in fact, that even slight changes in weather and climate can rip the planet’s crust apart, unleashing the furious might of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides. We all remember the fateful day of 26th December, 2004, when a mighty tsunami struck the shores of India, Indonesia and the islands of Java and Sumatra. Geologists believe that this enormous tidal wave which took lakhs of lives was a result of gradual, but strong climatic changes.
The years to follow witnessed further wrath of weather gods. Be it the hurricanes of Katrina, Laila or Nargis which rendered thousands homeless, or the dreadful Amazon and Indian droughts, the effects of numerous climatic changes like global warming and ozone- layer depletion were greatly disastrous.
It’s a known fact that this climate change is mainly due to human activities like increased carbon emissions and deforestation. If this continues, it won’t be long before this blizzard of climatic changes wipes out the world. ThotaHaritha

Civil A1 3/4

The Perfect Life

Life isn't perfect for anyone. The quintessential part of being human is striving for what one believes to be a perfect life. For someone it might include being super rich, and for another it may mean having a lot of friends. Either way, the perfect life remains an idealistic concept for most people. One thing's for sure, every perfect life includes happiness. Where we find this happiness changes over time, and from person to person. Love, relationships, fun, and so on are what people typically require for personal happiness. It's pretty easy to say happiness is the key factor for an ideally perfect life. The perfect life is a combination is what we need and what we want. What we need are the basic necessities like food, water, clothing etc. What makes life complete is the relationships that we make over time-family and friends that make life worth living.
It's important to believe in and trust people. Living in fear of what might happen in the future will not make you happy, and the quest of your perfect life will cease to end.
Not everyone would agree with this though, maybe someone's perfect life involves partying all day long. However, most people probably agree that a fine balance between work, family and fun is what is needed to lead a perfect life.
Life is only perfect when the person is content. Even if one has all the riches the world has to offer, lack of personal interaction may leave that person miserable. It's all about what you what, and what you need to design your life perfectly.
Sitting around and complaining that life sucks isn't going to do it. The initiative to make life better has to come from within, and the determination to never give up will keep it going. Working constantly towards a better future, while also living in the moment, will make life perfect.
Biotechnology 3/4


Lava expelling out from a volcano is extremely dangerous and is known as an eruption,
but the wrong motive of money making is much more feared and is coined as corruption.
Many illegal path followers have forgotten the basic ideals of a human life,
due to which common people feel like their necks being attacked with a knife.
There is now a very wide gap between the vicious money makers,
and many of the innocent who are genuine and loyal hard workers.
Though corruption is the main reason behind a country earning a bad f
ame, many ruthless culprits are indulging in many major scams and repeating the same.
Now a days, corruption is treated as a wide-spreading disease with no medicine,
but if strict measures are employed and followed, drastic economic growth may be seen.
People from all walks of life are literally addicted to this tool of greediness,
and in order to tackle this, it is high time for all of us to show our readiness.
Corruption is undoubtedly the most challenging task to our government,
but it is our prime duty to do our bit with a very strong commitment.

V. Nikhil ECE 2 (2/4)


Cricket is the game liked and enjoyed by billions,
as every aspect related to it involves brilliance.
It has enormous potential which unifies the entire nation,
by which people of all kinds and ages follow it with great passion.
The game has seen,isseeing,and needs many quality players by its side,
who are hard working,skillful,selfless,always playing for pride.
Players are not only mentally and physically tested in all the matches,
but are also constantly examined under wide-varying conditions and pitches.
Domestic tourneys have given proper directions and shown right paths,
and their unending support has enabled cricket's future in very good hands.
Women crickteters are to be credited and recognised for their crucial decision,
and their hardwork is being paid off now and are able to do things with precision.
Leagues like Ipl and Big Bash have been responsible for the game's modernisation,
and have tasted instant success due to greater levels of innovation and improvisation.
Cricket has inspired many film makers in making a few classic films like Lagaan,
and has now acquired cine stars into it who are fielding like acrobats even at the crucial long-on!!!
All the enthusiastic lovers of the game keep expecting a lot and hope,
that this wonderful entity has a great future and an unimaginable scope.
V Nikhil ECE 2/4


Here is our Indian Hero,MSDhoni,
an ideal role model to many.
Whenever Dhoni is batting at the crease,
viewerssay,"Do not disturb me please"!!!

He regards Seven as his lucky number,
and he is as cool as a cucumber!!!
Everytime he comes onto the field,he prays to the Sun,
and later returns to the pavilion with an emphatic win.

He looks calm and composed in any kind of situation,
and turns the team into a mood of celebration.
He is a real hard-hitter of the cricket ball,
hence any target set by the opposition seems to be small.
He is very sharp behind the stumps,
and extremely quick between the wickets.
He is a perfect modern-day game changer,
and the opposition can sense that they are in danger!
He absolutely loves executing "The Helicopter Shot",

and no other player can match this talent,in short.
He tries to bring the best out of every player,
and always looks at things in a positive manner.
He has been listed among the top 100 by "The Times",
and hope he achieves many more in his future games.
V Nikhil ECE 2/4


Our Country's bright future rests on our Youth,
and the top priority is to make their path smooth.
Youth is the energetic stage of life which can inspire many souls,
and is also the crucial period for achieving their desired goals.
It is the right platform for them to showcase their leadership qualities,
and ideally for generating mind provoking thoughts in large quantities.
But, it is also the period during which many can't resist to their temptations,
and sadly many murder and suicide incidents are creating 'sensations'!!!
Ultimately, these 'sensations' are not what is required,
but there is a need for a good temperament that can be acquired.
So, it is essential for the youth to develop comprehensively,
and make everyone proud and happy by working uncompromisingly.

V. Nikhil
ECE 2 (2/4)


It’s a tale of silence,
Also, of freedom
It’s a tale of absence,
Of passion and zest
It’s a tale of what the heart desires
And a tale of what the world demands.
It’s a tale of sacrifices one has to make
To satisfy all the rattling mouths,
To bore those hungry eyes and ears,
To hush all the noise they make.
‘Give up your dreams and follow where I lead,
You will be happy and rest assured.
You know not yet, you’re just a child,
Believe me, your mind runs too wild,
Life’s decisions are for wise people to make,
For now, come where I take’

Confused and bewitched, the mind agrees,
For it hasn’t seen yet, how life betrays,
And it doesn’t know yet, how precious are its dreams.

It’s a tale of innocence,
of naivety, too.
It’s a tale of desperateness,
To mend the past, the wrongly done.
It’s a tale of fire,
Latent, waiting for a spark,
To brush by its side,
And give it just one chance,
To burn.
It’s a tale of undying patience.

- Ayesha Naikodi
ECE 3 , (2/4)

I have a friend

Around the corner I have a friend,
In this great city that has no end,
Yet the days go by and weeks rush on,
And before I know it, a year is gone.
And I never see my old friends face,
For life is a swift and terrible race,
He knows I like him just as well,
As in the days when I rang his bell.
And he rang mine, we were younger then,
And now we are busy, tired men,
Tired of playing a foolish game,
Tired of trying to make a name.
"Tomorrow," I say, "I will call on Jim,"
"Just to show that I'm thinking of him,"
But tomorrow comes and tomorrow goes,
And distance between us grows and grows.
Around the corner! - yet miles away,
Here's a telegram sir, "Jim died today,"
And that's what we get and deserve in the end,
Around the corner, a vanished friend.
Rahul ECE 2


Everyday I remember to forget you
But in vain
When memories of you sneak in,
Happiness is what I gain.
When you walked away,
Even tears did not vanish my pain
May you live in the smiles of rain.
But let atleast one drop remain.
- Sumedha (B.E- 2/4 ECE- 2)

Rahul Dravid

Rahul Dravid is called "The Wall",
a true servant to the game of Bat and Ball.
He is nicknamed Mr.Dependable,
since his dedication is Remarkable.
He displays a lot of commitment,
with his great temperament.
He is a man who is selfless,
and the number of runs he scored is countless.
He has played consistently against all the nations,
indeed,with a lot of character and patience.
Though his game looks quite simple,
the opponents' have to do a job which is ample.
Everytime he comes out to bat in any session,
he seems to be like a Man on a Mission.
His technique to the budding stars is like a guide book,
and his footprints in Indian cricket have the best look.
V Nikhil


This is our "Wonderful Class ECE-2"
we feel "Bunking classes is easy too!"
The atmosphere all around is very friendly
and there is always something going on lively.
Prior to exams,wereceieve help from our friends while sharing many subject topics, and during exams,we all are responsible for the xerox people earning lots of profits!
Though the cakes bought for celebrating all of our birthdays are perishable, the moments experienced at that point in time are always cherishable.
Due to the healthy and positive kind of relations,
we have paved in a path for many more creations.
Just similar to the way in which we show our unity while forming a gang, let us achieve many of our goals and rock our CBIT college with a bang!
V Nikhil

Dream Girl

My day starts with her in thoughts
And ends with her in dreams...
She's my strength...
She's my confidence ...
Without her I'm a plane without fuel
And machine without current...
What would I need anymore in this world...
when she is beside me...
What could measure my happiness when she is with me...
I never say I love her I always show it...
I never say I care her I just express it...
People love the love they love...
But I avoid the love I love because I'm afraid I may lose....
Looking for that charm.
Like life in outer space...
Like light in the middle of sea...
And my love beyond time and space....

Breaking the bonds of limitation...
Shining into shine of her...
Where are you.... Waiting for you...
Roy Biotech ¼

Who are you?

Who are you.?
What defines you?

You are not defined by the things you have...
You are not defined by the thoughts you have...
You are defined only when your thoughts are made into things...

The situations you face...
The moments you spend...
The enjoyment you do...
Only defines you...
Nothing else..

You are as you are...
You will be as you wanna be...

Be that One unique persgon...
Be that kind of weird n funny guy...
Be that...
Just Be Yourself..
Roy ¼ biotech

Lone Ranger

I never know the way I wanna go...
I never know what I wanna be...
Single and alone...
Striving in the depths of intelligence...
Running in pursuit of happiness...

I'm the traveller & only I hold the map...
Facing the reality...
Fighting the practicality...
Don't know whether I made life complex
Or complexity made me...
I'm the jerk with a jerk... roaming round & round...

I may not be the strongest...

But I got that strength... that will power....
That can make that impossible... I'm possible...

I'm the creator of me...
I'm the care taker of me...
I'm the Lone Ranger of my life.
Roy Biotech 1/4

Do What You Want

Compete wherever...
but make sure you have a purpose in it..

Worship idiots..
as they are the ones,
accepting success easily,

Love critics,
as they throw stones..
that make your steps,

Things might change,
people may range,
days dwindle,
but what remains constant is,
the fire WILL rekindle...

Care about emotions,
leave behind feelings..
Make smile your habit,
and letting others smile,
...........your hobby.........

The world needs you..
Because you are one of a kind..
Just prove your worth and you're sure to find,
the dream you wanted to pursue!

- A. Shiva Kumar
1/4 Mechanical


We are quick to condemn what is old
Reaching for something new too soon
We may have invented artificial light
But do we value the light of the moon?

We build machines to go into space
While on earth a million hungry mouths plead
To be fed and to be shown some grace
By those who are able, but pay no heed.

We create many a barrier and cage
Fragmenting ourselves further apart
But what right do we have to gauge...
A fellow human, not knowing his heart?

We have given up on the magnificence
Of turning a blank paper into a work of art
We claim to have reached supreme cognizance
In reality, ignorance is all that we impart.

We interact constantly as a virtual presence
When side by side is where we belong
It is no surprise there exists no alliance
Even when we stand a thousand strong.

DevyaniReddi (Mech ¼)


I remain a mere plaything
An object of cruel desire
I have no voice, no song to sing
The beasts have quelled the fire.

I'm not a mother, a sister, a daughter
Only a rag doll tossed aside
I'm not a giver, a lover, a fighter
Where, oh where shall I hide?

The young and the old hunt with zeal
I am but an animal to their eyes
Nightmares and visions that make me scream
Are only Man's cunning disguise.

The monsters hound me with persistence
No sign of morality in their will
My broken bones offer no resistance
They know the certainty of the kill.

If there is a Hell beneath the dirt
I'd call it Heaven for all I care
For the truest of hell lies here on earth
Where my dignity shall not be spared.

Forget the love your mother gave you
And the joy of holding your daughter
Cast away the tears they cried for you
And raise us all like pigs for slaughter.

Forgotten is responsibility to the spirit
The world has lost all sense of control
I am a woman, never sacred, only judged fit
To violate not only body, but also broken soul.
DevyaniReddiMech 1/4


People are unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered.
Love them anyway!
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives.
Do good anyway!
If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies.
Succeed anyway!
The good you do today, will be forgotten tomorrow.
Do good anyway!
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable.
Be honest and frank anyway!
The biggest person with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest people with the smallest minds;
Think big anyway!
People favor underdogs, but follow only top dogs.
Fight for underdogs anyway!
What you spend years building up may be destroyed overnight.
Build anyway!
People really need help, but will attack you if you help them.
Help them anyway!
Give the world the best you have and it may kick you in the teeth.
Give the world the best you've got anyway!
PavanChem 4\4


Chained in a closed room, shouting at the world to set me free,
Evoking words of my cry,
The reason to love you was you itself,
The problems we've been through,
I was always there for you!

I held your hand whenever you feared,
My heart blistered everytime you teared..
Always fell into your casted spell,
Now here I'm, lifeless, with nothing at all to tell!
Watching my soul burn from within,
With memories that haunt me like a sin!!!

..and now!

I'm standing on my balcony,
Without any repent, without any despair,
Just a bygone love-story to share..
Watching the melodious rustle of the leaves,
With you totally gone out of my heart and bone,
You taught me that being lonely is not always being alone!

-Parvez 1/4 Chemical


An institute of great heights,
an inspiration to get aspired..
Everyday as we walk into the gate,
Wondering about our four years' fate;
Crowding the canteen with eatables stuffed in our plate,
Attending the classes very very late,

Trying to make a new friend everyday,
As our will and might shall stay,
With practical exams we suffer,
but we do make it a point not to buffer,

Loved typing the entire C program in the computer,
But hated it when it said, "SEGMENTATION ERROR.."
All these memories would strike us as past,
but I promise these would, for a life-long last!

Some other batch will take on our place,
These four years of joy,
even they will face!
Wish these years of joy last forever !
Four years of joy..
Four splendid years ahoy!


Dear friend,
When you lose in life, do not lose the 'winning' flavour,
As the waves lost are not lost forever,
They do come back with their original fervour,

Afterall, it's the fall from a great height,
that renders water full of delight,
So, pick up your spirits and pace,
Strike back right in the face!

Don't care about what others might say,
It's ultimately "YOUR" game, not their's to play,
Fathom the meaning of your inner soul,
Enhance your capabilities, justify your role,

Awaken your dreams, carve them into reality,
Chisel your name, magnify your personality,
Onto the dias of a competition called life,
For this is the reason for people's strife,

Let me take leave of this note with a note itself:
When in game, fasten up your lace,
And show the world your worth,
let them admire your grace!

BE-1/4 Mechanical F2

My bestest pal

she is the love,which fills our life.
she is the power,which picks us up.
she is the hope,which keeps us alive.
she is the day,which gives us a new start.
she is the beauty,which captures our mind.
she is the way,which sets our path.
she is the smile,which sets everything right.
she is the weakness,which dies within her.
she is the silence,which screams within her.
she is a mother,who makes my life beautiful.
Thank you mommy!!!
Love you :*

Self Realisation :)

Happiness is having few important people in your life who love you.
Truth is the harsh reality,which is hard to accept in life.
Past is the completed chapter ,which makes no difference in your life
Foolishness is worrying about people who don’t care about you
Ignorance is not recognizing the important people in your life
Immaturity is fighting with your best friends over pity issues
Experiences are living the good, bad and worst moments of your life
Troubles the hardest ships to sail but the strongest one's to float
Change is something which starts within you and ignites a spark in others
Be the happiness,be the truth,be the love,be the fire which changes your life for the better!!!!

Just for a friend

Few people just knock the doors of your life and leave an imprint on your life.
We live in a world where everyone is too busy running after things they want...very few people actually bother or care about you
You are lucky even if you can find one such person who enters your life and never leaves you back.
I am lucky because I found my true friend:theju
The smiles that we share,the joy we find in each other’s company...
The concern you show towards a fool like me.Iam really lucky to have you in my life.
The moments I shared with you will be my best memories I will cherish as long as life
The fights we have,the misunderstanding we develop are just to strengthen our friendship and make it stronger than ever.
Just be that somebody in my life who means my everything
Just when you feel useless,just remember there is always a person waiting for you and wishing for your happiness
Thank you for being the one amazing person in my life.I cannot imagine my life to be perfect without you
just be there always in my heart ^_^.


How does she feel when he look at her in an uncared manner?
How does she feel when he look at her with an insecure genre?
How does she feel when he gives a regretted answer?
These unsafe, regretted, distracting, disturbing, discouraging, criticizing looks on a she, acts like a killer… Which is nothing less than a cold-blooded murder…
If HE looks from his depth of his heart
Only then he will have the perfect look of a she.

-Sathya Sri
EEE-1 BE 2/4


Let us all heartily welcome our freshers,
who are indeed the talented treasurers!!!
During their inter,they might have been extremely stressed,
but the lively atmosphere now,makes them feel as if they are blessed.
Our freshers step in with many aims and have an aspiration,
so why not we the seniors be their right source of inspiration?!!
These young buds are not just the colourful sparklers,
but are the college's future and are situational tacklers.
Ragging is just to be treated as a tool of interaction,
but not as a dangerous weapon involving over-action : )
It is essential for the juniors and seniors to have good relations,
so as to compete well and work towards many more new creations.
Let us hope that our juniors earn a very good name,
and also wish that cbit keeps improving it's great fame!!!
V Nikhil ECE 2/4

Mahesh Babu

Mahesh Babu is very very handsome
and his dialogues are awesome.
His moves are so agile,
which make the villains look fragile.
His films comprises sequences of action
and his acting involves in depth variation.
He is basically a youthful entertainer
and a very good competitor.
He is the most precious weapon of a director
and a valuable source of income to a producer.
Heroines are filled with joy,
on working with the milky boy.
Girls give more preference to his glamorous looks,
when compared to their college reference books.
We see crowd near the theatres overflowing,
to enjoy his fights which are mind blowing.
His fans have every single reason,
to celebrate his film as a festival season!!!
V Nikhil ECE 2/4

Teacher’s Day

Sept 5th is an extremely special and cherishable day for all the teachers,
who are not only the source of knowledge,but,are the actual preachers.
Teachers shower a lot of love on their students, just like a mother,
and are always like the pillar of strength to them,similar to a father.
Teachers play the most vital role in a student's life that of a guide,
who,during many difficult situations stand by the students' side.
At times,teachers might be a bit harsh in their nature,
but it is only keeping in mind the child's position in the future.
Teachers always give their best and everyone of them is an ideal path setter,
who indeed help in the basic ideals and values of the students' get better.

V Nikhil


Troubles and happiness did have their ups and downs as we grew
All you need to have is the belief in you
None is better than you
And yes that is true

Not so easy is the journey to success
Keeping aside all your distress
Wave of joy would touch you, no doubt
Open up the doors of your heart

Evoke a change within you
In life, Sitting silent won’t bring you up to a higher stage
Wisely must the time be spent
Lateral thinking should be done to the most possible extent

Crucial are the teachings from our mother, our 1st friend
With whom most of the time we spend
Wishing for dreams, should be put to an end
and lets start working them into reality before this weekend


At The Door To Hell...

We knock at the doorway to hell,
Betwixt death and after-life; we stand still,
And then the door opens,
An old hunch-back stands with an oar,
"Welcome to torture," says he in a roar!
We step into his boat, hesitating in despise!
Repenting over the crimes and the lies,
Those define us when we are alive!
The gross cacophony of lashing whips;
Thundering cries, ruthless bashing of ribs,
The rapist electrocuted with furnaces of fire,
Kicked and gored was the dishonest lawyer,
Even the pettiest thief struck with the sting of remorse,
The horrendous sight brings blood to our pores!
Millions of sinners gnashing their teeth,
For torments surround from behind, above or beneath!
At Hell, the sins of mankind can never withhold,
Even the slightest scandal, the demon shall unfold!
Ultimately, this is called the scourge of conscience,
Thirsty Satan's revenge, they say the vengeance!


The Unanticipated Lesson

I walked through the busy street here and there,
I realized he followed me everywhere,
I budged into the shopping mall out of nowhere,

Only to be stalked by his incessant stare,

I tried to ignore him, met an old friend,

Yet, this mysterious man's gaze knew no end!

Then I walked down the lane, as fast as I could,

Suddenly he approached; before me he stood!

Frightened by the unwelcoming gesture,

I stood horrified, in a shrivelled posture!

I observed the bizarre man's sickening beard,

The more I looked on, the more I feared!

He ogled at me with gaping eyes,

Then, put his hand into his pocket-wide!

And suddenly, something strange happened!

Tears rolled down the man's cheeks,

Tears that could melt even the snowiest peaks.

He showed me the picture of a beautiful girl,

And said, "She's my princess. My dearest daughter!

She died last year in a false encounter.

Hazel-eyed and cheery-smiled was she,

As similar to you, as can be!" :-(

Wiping his tears, he fumbled,

"Be happy, my child. May you be blessed!"

And then he disappeared among the rest!

I stood there awe-struck with reception,

Learning that appearances are often subjective to deception!