From the editor’s desk:

To exist is to change; to change is to mature; to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly was once said by the famous French philosopher Henri Bergson.
Celeritas is the college magazine of CBIT which is published annually and has successfully finished two years of its journey. Having said this, we planned to incorporate a drastic change in the third edition. Though the magazine would be the same, we will have a first ever online celeritas magazine to celebrate its third edition, for being the only literary and art magazine in college. Every idea generates from a problem or necessity and so was this.
From the past two years we have been noticing that just because of the space constraints, we had to cut down on many articles which were well composed but occupied more space. This made the editorial team distressing as they did not want to limit the articles. Hence we decided to have an online magazine where articles will be posted. This will not just boost the confidence of the contributors but will take the college magazine to the next level. Hence all writers and artists we are here by launching another platform to exhibit the upcoming talent. And dear readers, you will definitely have a wider scope for articles and arts to read and enjoy.

Lakshita Reddy Editor-in-Chief

Editorial Board:
Lakshita Reddy is a senior civil engineering student of CBIT who has been associated with Celeritas for the past two years and now she is serving as the Editor-in-Chief. She is a proclaimed editor, who ensures that the magazine’s content is always enticing, informative and engaging. She’s a connoisseur of art and music. Philosophical and literary fiction is what she enjoys the most when reading, writing is her passion. She values time and believes in hard work. To her success is a journey in which experience and knowledge are the major milestones.



Alekhya is a junior biotechnology student who loves sleeping. When she’s not whiling away her time, she’s seen reading a variety of things-from badly written fanfictions to big fat novels. Inner workings of the mind fascinate her and it’s not uncommon to find her absorbed by her thoughts, contemplating man’s existential dilemma. Amulya Miriyala, a junior in chemical engineering loves cooking and is a gourmet. She loves food and lives for food. She believes in fairytales, rainbows, unicorns and happily ever after’s. Her interests vary from speeds to slumber parties, reading romances to fan fictions. She loves watching movies and sleeping. Exploring new places and new cuisines is all she ever wants to do.

Haritha Thota is pursuing civil engineering and is in her third year of college. She is a girl loaded with positive thoughts. She likes to read, listen to music and has a liking for food and chocolates. Not only is she a dreamer and a doer but also she is creative and innovative.


Nikhil Rajwani is a very good orator and always works with passion. He is versed in Hindi and loves listening to speeches. Susheel Sharma is passionate about writing articles and believes that "pen is mightier than the sword." His pertaining love for our national language, Hindi made him the editor for the college magazine.


Alekhya Uppugandla is a final year civil engineering student who loves dancing and watching movies. Friends and family matter the most to her.
Sravani is a third year mechanical student who believes in culture and heritage. She loves writing Telugu poems and brings a smile on everyone’s face with her witty jokes.


Advika Marneni is a junior chemical engineering student who loves art in every form. She likes healthy food and baking. #Irony. She enjoys playing the Piano and reading books. Her dream is to work at CERN.
Shankari Priya is pursuing her BE in Mechanical stream. Pencil sketching is her favorite hobby and she is a crazy fan of anime. Her passion towards creative work has drawn her towards college magazine, a platform to portray hidden talent.


Sumanth is a senior pursuing his bachelors in Information Technology. He is a renowned photographer in the twin cities and loves looking at everything from behind the lens. Apart from photography, Sumanth likes travelling and trying various cuisines. He is an enthusiast who loves movies and hanging out with friends.
Sudish is a mechanical student who is crazy about automobiles and dreams to work for Audi. Not only is he an amazing photographer but also Sudish is a positive thinker. He is a coordinator for art of living programs conducted in Hyderabad. Photography is his greatest pass time; one of his captures can be seen in the upcoming edition of ‘Autocar’.


Saketh Reddy, a senior pursuing civil engineering is an ebullient student and an active participant in extracurricular activities. Filed by inspiring ideas and guided by strong fundamentals, he also has inherent abilities for success and intellect. He's a proficient team player, who can step his feet in any shoe.
Akhil Reddy is a third year civil engineering student who is fond of cars and bikes. He is keen on the study and behavior of the universe. Akhil is an ardent thinker of every issue and loves to explore into the issue and analyze it in a detailed manner.