Did you ever have this feeling of not being able to do something because of some unknown reasons? It happens with most of us. This is because of our priorities and because of the funny ways in which we sort things. First work and then comes your passion. This is for those whose passion has no match with their work. I bet it involves most of you reading this but at the same time hope it's not the case. (just hoping for the best)
Passion is something which drives you crazy. It makes you discover so many things about your inner self that even you can't accept or believe. We just consider it to be an entirely different side of us. But would you believe it if I said that it was your true side? Yes, it is the truth. It is undeniably the real you. This world is where you belong, it is where you actually live. It is the only time both your heart and brain work together, whereas while doing your job you are just using your mind and not your heart. Your heart is reluctant to do that job, as it is not where it truly lies. Whether it is painting, dancing, programming or anything, if you enjoy doing it, then it means you have found your real self. If you feel that doing some work is as important as breathing or eating then you are undoubtedly on your way to becoming a genius in that profession. Like for me, writing these articles is not a burden but is a passion, if I had a chance then I would never stop doing this. This is one of the advantages of working with your dream job, it makes you feel comfortable and more at home.
Let's all start being crazy and weird. Don't bother about what the world is going to say about it, it's your life so just live your dream!! HAPPY LIVING!
-Harani Bharatha-IT 1/4


What is stopping you from achieving your goals? Why are you not able to reach your dream destination? Did you ever ponder upon these questions? A reasonable number of times, but the same story of not having enough potential or not being able to fully concentrate on our goals would keep looping infinitely. They would never stop, at least not until you come out of your conventional ways of thinking. This is when thinking out of box comes handy; it unknowingly plays an important role in shaping a creative yet smart way to ace success. It's just a matter of a bit of unconventional thinking which would lead to a path to success. Your only job is to keep the fire alive in you. No matter how many difficulties you come across, no matter how many failures you face, the only thing that should matter is your fruitful attempts to succeed. This attitude, I suppose, is no found in many of those people who fail to achieve their big dreams. Dreams are the only hope for us to survive in this competitive world. The first step to success is dreaming. If you can't do that, then don't complain about not being able to achieve them. Once you realise that you are strong enough to accept failures and rise again with double the previous confidence then you are on your way to become an unstoppable person. Neither the harsh conditions of weather nor the bitter comments on you can stop you. Your world would then entirely change. You would become as fierce as a lion chasing a deer, metaphorically, you chasing your dream.
-Harani Bharatha-IT 1/4

Dream On

The world which you live in may be vernacular
But the world which you dream of is spectacular
Never feel shy
To dream high
Nevertheless of what lies inside your core
Always try achieving more
Nervousness may break your heart
This may make you and your dream apart
A life without a dream
Is like a cake without cream
Stay as a person who is not forgotten
With dreams which are not rotten
Dreams never have resistance
They make your life a true existence
Dreams are not given orders
That is why they have no borders
They never have to be bound
As there is happiness to be found
-Harani Bharatha-IT 1/4


Didn't you pass your exam? Were you bad at elocution today? Did you not live up to your parent's expectations? Is your life getting miserable? Who told you to choose depression or in the worst case, death? These situations are very common but the solutions for these problems have become even more common. Since the day you choose to become a sincere student by choosing a difficult profession, difficulties show their colours. Not one but many. A student is pressurised to go through all the trauma along with misery which is beyond his/her capability. What do you expect, it's just a student who has entered a whole new life of burdens and responsibilities. They do their best to overcome them, but at a stage the burden becomes unbearable. What then? The person decides to quit their job. But unfortunately it is not possible, as student life has only two choices: you either swim or sink. Well, the wise ones choose to swim, but the sensitive ones perish. They have no more value in this competitive society. In most cases, we are lucky enough to have parents to support us guide us and teach us to handle our difficulties carefully. They also understand our reasons for not being successful at a particular point of time, and in these situations they encourage us to be strong and move on. But what about those students who have no one to support them in their hard times? What if their failure is not accepted? In that case, the student sinks. Even if the person is extremely talented, it all goes away just in a flash of a second because of some previous failure by which he is haunted. Lack of encouragement itself is a scary thing which leads to failure and misery.
This doesn't mean that the person doesn't have a right to lead a normal life. With so many failures, he still has a right to lead a respectable life. Being humans, it's our responsibility to share the grief of others and provide them with confidence to live a normal life. That is what we are, by nature, humans.
-Harani Bharatha-IT 1/4


What you see is probably not the truth. Many things might have changed since the inception of life on this planet. But there is one thing which hasn't. The way humans talk. This is something which nobody has thought about till date. We talk but unfortunately and surprisingly we mean something else. It's actually left to the listener's capability to understand and interpret what we mean, more like decoding things. This kind of talk happens during informal communication, because it's called diplomacy in formal communication. And to my surprise, some call it the art of expression. Is this true? Should we strain our listeners and viewers with such kind of unnecessary encryption which is absolutely useless? I think not. Human language might be simple, but the way it's used is so amazing that even the best mind reader can't decrypt the true meaning of those words. Why do we do this? Well, there may be several reasons for this, but the most important of all is the fear or the apprehension associated with expressing something directly. Maybe because we all know that truth is hard and that it can't be shot on someone in its raw form. That's why we prepare it in such a way that it's smooth enough to be handled and then tell them. This was, I suppose, the original purpose of diplomacy. But as years passed things have changed. This change made humans not just intelligent species but also the enigmatic ones. They were always mystifying creatures for the animals, of course, but now for other human beings too. We all stopped trusting each other. Every one of us is so much bothered about our own self esteem that we forgot about the other 'us' like species living in this world. If we want our problems to be solved, then maybe it's important for all of us to start showing our true selves. Be it to our friends or family let's just try to be ourselves. At least, let them know what you mean by what you say. That's what we primarily are: social beings!!So please keep your ego aside and start being yourself. Be HUMAN! Be YOU!
-Harani Bharatha-IT 1/4